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Natural Coat Blend

Rogue Royalty Natural Blend Dog/Horse Shampoos No Parabens - No Syndets - No Preservatives. Did you know whatever you apply to your pets outer seeps into the bloodstream within seconds? We are sincerley committed to producing the best quality products and the same applies to all of our range of natural products. Our special herbal pet shampoo blends have been formulated for the ever increasing number of animal skin and coat ailments . Our natural shampoos provide a safe, gentle, NATURAL option for our customers. The shampoo is gentle, completely safe, natural and contains no synthetic chemicals or surfactants like so many other commercial dog shampoos. Due to Australian laws we are not permitted to claim anything on the label however the natural ingredients used in our formulation possess manypowerful health advantages including flea repelling qualities. Whilst a variety of flea shampoos and solutions are available to treat fleas in your dog, they often use chemicals that can be harsh on your dog's skin and coat. In the natural state wild canids are equipped to deal or source natural sources to help combat many parasites and ailments of the skin and coat. In a domestic situation, dogs may not have access to these natural sources so chemicals are used to treat these ailments. These may directly or indirectly have detrimental effects or side effects on the dog.

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