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SupaTuff Collar

SUPA TUFF® HEAVY DUTY - STRONG DOG COLLAR Looking for the ultimate strong dog collar? This is one HEAVY DUTY NYLON DOG COLLAR. The SupaTuff strong dog Collar , is made from stainless steel fittings and premium grade webbing so this dog collar is literally a no nonsense tough as nails nylon dog collar. It's the real deal if you need a STRONG DOG COLLAR for everyday use. The SupaTuff range of dog collars are premium quality dog collars and they are arguably the STRONGEST DOG COLLARS made and are suitable for any type of dog, These amazing quality collars are a must for big strong dog breeds that require a LONG LASTING and SECURE dog collar. The name SupaTuff is no gimmick - our tough dog collars can hold the strongest of dogs and no dog has ever broken (or looks like it is going to break this collar). Our collars are recommended by professional dog trainers and protection specialists around the world. The Supa Tuff Dog Collars are everything you need in a good tough dog collar at a very affordable price tag. SUPATUFF® Heavy Duty Dog Collar Specifications 1. 5 cm Wide triple ply nylon dog collar for support and strength. 3. Lightweight but EXTREMELY tough dog collar 4. Double needle steel buckles for extra strength and safety 5. Heavy Duty D-Ring 7. Rot and mildew resistant 8. Easy to clean and maintain. The SupaTuff Range - Built to last. The SupaTuff Range of Heavy Duty Dog gear is designed and made exclusively by Rogue Royalty. The Range Includes SupaTuff Heavy Duty Dog Collar - Very Strong dog collar in a variety of sizes for dogs that need heavy duty gear.

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